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When specialization is a characterizing nature of the lawful calling, Musarrat Husain is a return to a prior period. Glad to call Herself a “half and half lawyer,” She is both a litigator and a dealmaker. She can, with equivalent office, attempt a case to its last decision, or quarterback a perplexing exchange to its last signature.

In the wake of moving on from Bharati Vidyapeeth Law School in 2008, Musarrat invested enough energy in extensive corporate law offices to see that it wasn’t for Her. Since beginning her own particular firm in 2008, She has concentrated on turning out “enormous firm work item, yet without every one of the fancy odds and ends.”

her practice has since advanced into a mixed blend of modern customers in, in addition to other things, mold, eateries, media, money related administrations, fabricating, retail, friendliness, and a panoply of other assorted organizations. They respect her unequivocal quality, her involvement in an abnormally extensive variety of conditions, and her commonsense, business-situated approach.

As a litigator, Musarrat keeps her customers grounded in actuality. She motivates them to scrutinize their own thought processes under the watchful eye of bringing a claim, and on the off chance that She sees that the plausible result isn’t to their greatest advantage, She won’t falter to exhort against it. On the off chance that they choose to continue, they do as such with their eyes open. Be that as it may, whether they continue or not, they know they will have a furious promoter on their side, in any case.

While doing an exchange, Musarrat likes to “peruse the last page of the book first” — to picture, early, the coveted final product. With this vision solidly in her mind, She can then help her customers concentrate on the 10,000 foot view, to comprehend what they’re truly attempting to do, and not get impeded in particulars that could execute the arrangement.

As general insight to so a large number of her customers, Musarrat serves as legal counselor, as well as key guide, too. They depend on Her for the sort of unfiltered counsel they may not generally get, even from their own particular administration. She frequently guides CEOs and sheets of chiefs on a wide assortment of business matters, helping them to see their organizations “from 50,000 feet up.” It’s an abnormal level of trust for a pariah, however they unmistakably think She wins it.


BA.LLB. (cum laude, 1987). Bharati Vidyapeeth Law School, Pune.

Remarks Editor, Bharati Vidyapeeth Law Review (2006-2008). C

Bar Admissions

Conceded 2008 Bar Council of Delhi.

Bar Council of Maharshtra and Goa

Fide Mihi

Fide Mihi is a law firm based in Delhi which holds the privilege to be among the very best law firms and having responsible and competent lawyers having with them decades of experience and expertise. Our firm deals in legal matters in District Courts, High Courts, and Supreme Court of India. We hold pride in being renowned for expert advice in criminal law, civil law and family law. We believe that justice is your basic right and therefore we fight with you and fight for you to provide you with this basic right.
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We are a team of legal experts helping clients get their justice via Honorable courts of Delhi

To accomplish and convey fabulousness through the quest for our center qualities, which we characterize as expert trustworthiness, phenomenal customer administration, educated methodology, cooperation and adaptability. A particular duty of keeping objectives in sight to accomplish result-arranged work for our customers and society.

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  • Competent, Hard-Working, Focused Lawyers
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•Civil Law
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•Service Law
•Industry and Labor Law
•Consumer Protection Law
•Banking Law
•Arbitration Law
•Documents Drafting
• Will and Family Law
•Commercial Agreements Drafting
• Sexual Harassment Law
• Divorce and Domestic Law
• Property, Land, Real Estate Law
• Court Marriage and Matrimonial Law
• Central Excise and Customs Law
• Debt Recovery Law
• Retainer-ship Consultants for Legal Services
• Bail, Anticipatory Bail Law
• Banking and Finance Law
• Cheque Bounce Cases Law
• Human Rights Law
• Import and Export Law
• Intellectual Property Rights Law
• Litigation
• Power of Attorney