Oct 28

8 Funny laws that exists in India


1. Suicide Is Legal. But You Will Be Punished If You Fail
If a person plans to end his/her life, he/she should plan it carefully because although suicide according to Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code is legal, punishment awaits a person who fails to die.

2. Penalty For Third Child In Kerala

Do you know that China is not the only country in the world that has a strict child policy to arrest population growth? Even in Kerala there is a similar law. To enforce the two-child policy in the state, a penalty of Rs10,000 is imposed on parents who have a third child.

3. Home Delivery Of Alcoholic Beverage Is Illegal But Home Delivery Of Beer And Wine Legal In Delhi
In Delhi, the state law does not allow home delivery of alcoholic beverage. You have to buy it from the shop. However, you can order beer and wine from departmental stores to be delivered to your home.
4. Different Legal Drinking Ages
In India as alcohol drinking is a state subject there is no uniform legal drinking age. The minimum age for consuming alcohol is 18 in Goa, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Sikkim and Puducherry and 25 in Maharashtra.

5. To Become A Motor Vehicle Inspector In Andhra Pradesh You Need Good Teeth
Although you may wonder what is the association between strong and beautiful teeth and the job of a motor vehicle inspector, in Andhra Pradesh only candidates with good teeth are recruited for the job.

6. Only Naga Regiment In Indian Army Can Use Knives During Combats
Indian soldiers cannot use knives during combats. However, soldiers from Nagaland can fight with their traditional knives.

7. Internet Censorship
With enormous number of websites displaying offensive images and content, it is not possible for the government to enforce a law to stop web users from visiting pornographic sites. However, India has a law for censoring the internet.

8. Indian Telegraph Act
Although the Indian telegram service no longer exists, the country still has an Indian Telegraph Act, which was passed by the British government in 1885.