Oct 22

Five laws you didn’t know


Some laws are very useful to be used in some situations. But most people do not act because they are not aware of those laws. Here is another episode from fidemihi for you.

If your cylinder explodes you are entitled to Rs. 40 lakh cover!

Many of us are unaware that domestic LPG consumers are entitled to a cover of Rs. 40 lakh in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder explosions.

Only female officers can escort women to the police station

Not only do male officers have no right to escort a woman but she can refuse to go to the police station between 6 pm to 6 am. In case of a serious crime, a written permit from the magistrate is required for male officers to escort her.

No traffic violation laws for non-motorized vehicles

Though it has been clarified that a golf cart is not allowed on the road but there aren’t any penalties against non-motor vehicles like a cycles or rickshaws, since they don’t fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Women can lodge complaints through emails

Guidelines issued by the Delhi Police entitle women to the privilege of registering a complaint via email or even through post if she can’t go to the police station.

If you have been fined once in the day you may be excused after that
Riding around without a helmet can land you into trouble, but once you are fined for it, the challaan slip can get you out of being fined for the same till midnight. Yes, but this is not an encouragement to do so. Be safe while driving.