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Fide Mihi will likely proficiently, adequately and morally instruct and encourage the yearnings with respect to our customers in India.Fide Mihi give legitimate administrations to an entire scope of property transactions. Fide Mihi’s administrations in title examination, buy, Sale, Lease and Renting and advancement of land have been utilized by a substantial number of improvement of land organizations, people and engineers of business and private ventures. it is based at Delhi and going to show in all significant city of India.Fide Mihi’s lawful administrations in this field can be sorted as takes after:

Real Estate Law at Fide Mihi

Real Estate Law at Fide Mihi


    Business and private engineers
    Building temporary workers/subcontractors and material suppliers
    Condo building proprietors/property directors
    Shopping mall proprietors/directors
    Comfort store administrators
    Land representatives
    Other land related substances

Fide Mihi handles all parts of business land, including purchasing and offering, platting, improvement, development, financing, renting and time-offer and apartment suite creation and transformation. We handle business and private expulsions, and also exchanges of private land.

Property Transactions in India:
For customers included in land exchanges in India, Fide Mihi represents:

    Purchasers and dealers of business and modern land in organizing exchanges
    Banks, venture banks and different moneylenders in financing exchanges secured by land, including obtaining, advancement, development, long haul and venture financing
    Landowners and occupants in office, retail, business and mechanical lease exchanges all through the area and broadly
    Purchasers and proprietors of land in arranging financing responsibilities and in checking on and arranging land supported credit reports
    Proprietors and undertaking engineers in all periods of the area use endorsement process
    Engineers and land representatives in drafting, arranging and determining debate emerging out of land business assentions
    Proprietors in all periods of development tasks, including transaction of development related understandings and suit
    Apartment suite Associations regarding business and private townhouse, helpful transformations and multi-use condo advancements
    Vendors and purchasers kind trades.


Fide Mihi’s lawyers frequently speak to customers regarding acquisitions and attitudes of land, land/properties in India. Whether securing many private parcels as a component of an expert collection technique or crude area for advancement purposes, the Fide Mihi’s lawyers are knowledgeable about all parts of land obtaining and air exchanges. Working intimately with the Fide Mihi’s Environmental Law and Litigation Department, the firm can help customers in due constancy examinations of proposed acquisitions and give direction the heap of administrative endorsements.

Renting of land in India

Fide Mihi lawyers speak to lessor and renters, designers and proprietors in all parts of customary and financing renting exchanges, extending from crude area to business, retail, institutional, modern and office properties.

Advancement Approvals in India

Fide Mihi helps venture engineers in all periods of the India government endorsement process. The firm speaks to customers regarding planning and submitting site arrangements and subdivision applications for office structures, strip malls, modern parks and private edifices to different concerned prevailing voices in India.

Development Activity in India

Development action in both people in general and private areas constantly in India offers ascend to critical legitimate and business issues.Fide Mihi’s broad broadness of practices, helps open and private proprietors, temporary workers, subcontractors, plan experts, and others in exploring every period of land advancement and development.