Mar 16



Fide Mihi finds creative methods to conclude its customers disputes.Fide Mihi work challenging with its customers to accomplish their aims by litigating cases promptly and economically if those disputes are unable to be settled.Fide Mihi is well seen, and has a huge experience in every facet of private and commercial litigation.Fide Mihi has managed more than several hundreds litigation at other court and Delhi court in India.Fide Mihi counsels customers in every type of litigation. It counseled and has represented, on many State Governments, the Government of India and one hand as well as on the other big Public and Private Corporation. Taking advantage of its own existence all around the globe, appears before the Supreme Court of India as well as District Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, High Courts and has really been involved in several types of issues including:

    Corporate litigation
    Industrial Relations & Labor matters litigation
    Commercial litigation
    Tax litigation
    Intellectual Property.

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