About us

       Fide Mihi legal services is a law firm based in Delhi which holds the privilege to be among the very best law firms and having responsible and competent lawyers having with them decades of experience and expertise. Our firm deals in legal matters in District Courts, High Courts, and Supreme Court of India. We hold pride in being renowned for expert advice in criminal law, civil law and family law. We believe that justice is you basic right and therefore we fight with you and fight for you to provide you with this basic right. Our team of lawyers having decades of experience and listed in top courts among panel of experts provides their expert legal advice in criminal, civil, matrimonial, contract and other legal matters.

      Rest assured as we provide to our clients competent, working and focused lawyers who are experienced and efficient in their fields of law. Our team is committed to provide our clients with the best legal advice and is well known for many properties including leadership, accountability and progressive attitude and spirit.
We are keen on providing our clients with transparent services which are budget friendly, principled, trustworthy, aggressive and knowledgeable so that your case not only gets better but a strong one. And if other lawyers also believe in the same system they are cordially invited to come work with us and expand our team so that we can provide our services to as many people as we can and help us achieve our goal, that is, just for all.

      As our belief is that justice is your basic right therefore we also offer free legal advice to poor people who cannot afford top notch lawyers but are in need of someone who can help them get justice. This free consultation is only provided to people who are under privileged so that everyone should be able to get legal representative in front of the judicial system of India.

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