I, ...... son of Sh. ....., R/O ......., do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1.  That I am legal occupant of shop No. ......., New Delhi for which new electricity connection/additional load has been required in the capacity as the tenant/owner on the basis of the documents of legal occupancy of the premises.

2.  That in support of my proof of legal occupancy of the premises under reference copies of the following documents is submitted along with the application form.

3.  That the said premises is installed with electricity connection against K. No. ........ in the name of ........ and I undertake to pay the dues of electricity against the said existing electricity connection if found subsequently after the sanction of New/Additional load in this premises.

4.  That no unauthorized construction has been made in the premise subsequent to my inheritance of the construction and there is no violation of Municipal Bye-Laws and I/We undertake to indemnify NDMC for any damages on this account as subsequent stage. Further in default NDMC as a license may disconnect the electricity connection on this account.

5.  That electricity connection against K. No. ............. which is presently in the name of ....... shall be used for same purpose.

6.  That in case the said electricity connection against K. No. ............. is found to be used for purpose other than for which it has been sanctioned, NDMC shall be at liberty to take necessary action as per the provisions of Delhi Electricity  Control Order apart from levy of misuse charges in the electricity bills.

7.  That electricity connection shall not confer any legal right of regularization of my/our premises including its land use. Further NDMC shall be at liberty to disconnect the electricity supply including the service lines without notice whereas when any action to discharge their statutory obligations by the competent Govt. Agency.

8.  I/We shall regularly pay the bills in case of failure NDMC may disconnect the electricity and may take all possible action as per law for recovery of dues including disconnection of electricity of my/our other premises.

9.  In case of electricity is to be used for a licensable trade I/We shall obtain NOC/License from the competent Authority.



    I, ........ s/o Sh. .......R/O ....... New Delhi do hereby confirm that the contents of the above affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.






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