NOTARY PUBLIC OFFICER | Duties of notary officer and what is the value of notarized documents.





A Notary Public is an official integrity appointed by state government  and central government of India to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a several official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. Notary is person who can serve as an official witness to the execution of contracts, agreements , will etc. A  Notary may also certify documents to be true copies of the originals. The Notarization simply refer to an official act of a Notary. A Notary also has the authority to administer oaths, solemn affirmation and declarations that are used for affidavits and statutory declarations. It is necessary for the public that they must sign their documents before the Notary. These official acts are called Notarizations, or Notarial acts. Notaries are publicly commissioned as "ministerial" officials who are appointed to reduce burden of government departments and specially burden of the judiciary. 

WHO CAN BE NOTARY OFFICER: The  person who had been practicing at least for ten years, or (aa) a person belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes had been practicing at least for seven years, or (ab) a woman who had been practicing at least for seven years, as a legal practitioner, or] (b) he had been a member of the Indian Legal Services under the Central Government, or (c) he had been at least for ten years,- (i) a member of Judicial Service; or (ii) held an office under the Central Government or a State Government requiring special knowledge of law after enrolment as an advocate; or (iii) held an office in the department of Judge Advocate General or in the legal department of the armed forces.]

The Notary is senior professional lawyer but every advocate is not a Notary officer.  An advocate is the person who can be a Notary officer by applying and qualifying the procedure set up by central Ministry of law and justice and state ministry of law and justice.


There are several documents used for legal proceeding, legal transaction etc. The Affidavits are often used in court as a part of legal proceedings but they can be used in numerous other situation as well. Also while applying for study visas in other countries, marriage  the affidavit and other documents are essential to proceed further.. The most important thing is that the sworn statement before the notary public is treated as a true statement of the deponent where the Notary officer register the details of the deponents.

 When performing official notarial acts, Notaries are serving the public service on behalf of their state. They cannot violate the law at anyone’s request and that includes employers, clients, friends or family members.

Notaries must be impartial, which means they must never refuse to serve or to discriminate in their quality of service based of an individual’s race, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation or status as a non-customer. As representatives of the state, Notaries must perform their official duties with respect and seriousness for the public service role they play as a trusted, impartial witness.

Deponent must swear before the Notary officer.

You are making statement about what you know , not what you think.

You are setting out facts while solemnly affirming before the Notary Public .

You can make a statement about what you reasonably believe to be true but if you do, you have to be clear that you are expressing a belief and not making a statement of fact.

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