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This WILL is made at New Delhi on this 7th day of August 2010 by XYZ wife of Late ABC aged about 77 years Resident of House No…, New Delhi.

I declare this to be my last WILL and hereby revoke and cancel all testamentary deposition here before made by me if any.


Life is short and uncertain. God knows when it may come to an end and to avoid any complication, unnecessary litigation and misunderstanding, keeping in view the future circumstances, I hereby make this last WILL of mine, so that there is no ambiguity left giving rise to unnecessary litigation after my death regarding the succession/inheritance of my real estate i.e. immovable property.


Whereas I am sole and absolute owner and in possession of Plot No….., Sector-3, New Delhi, measuring 250 Sq. Yds. which is my self acquired property and which was allotted to me by the DDA.


And whereas I have four sons namely 1. Mr. Ali , 2………..,3. ……. and 4. ……... I have great love and affection for my son Mr. Ali and my three other sons are well settled.


And whereas I willingly make this WILL that after my death, Mr. Ali S/O Late ABC will become the sole and absolute owner of my above said property i.e. Plot No….., Sector-3, New Delhi, measuring 250 Sq. Yds. and my all rights, interests, property rights, ownership rights etc. shall devolve upon him and automatically pass on him as mentioned above and he shall enjoy the aforesaid property with unfettered rights without any interference from any corner and the above said property i.e. Plot No…., Sector-3, , New Delhi, measuring 250 Sq. Yds. shall be mutated and transferred in his name.  My any other relations and legal heirs etc. shall have no rights, title or claim of any nature for with the aforesaid property under any circumstances and if any one claims any rights over the above said property of any nature the same shall be false and frivolous and shall be treated null and void.


In case Mr. Ali dies earlier than me then after my death the above said property shall become the property of the legal heirs of Mr. Ali.

And whereas till such time as I am alive I shall continue to be absolute owner and in possession of the above said property without any interference from any body.

I am making this WILL without any coercion or undue influence and fraud from any corner and fully knowing its implications and meaning with a disposing state of mind and sound health and fully understanding what is right and wrong.


In witness whereof I, Mrs. xyz, the Testator of this WILL have set my hands on this last WILL of mine which has been read over to me and read  by me in the presence of the witnesses who have testified its execution by me in presence of each other at Delhi.

WITNESSE:                                                   TESTATOR

1.                                                                                 (Mrs xyz)




2.                                                                               (Mr Ali)








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